Outdoor Patient Department

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Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) Neurology

           Outdoor Hour: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

           Schedule of Neurology Unit:

                  1. Saturday       : Red Unit

                  2. Sunday         : Blue Unit

                  3. Monday        : Yellow Unit

                  4. Tuesday        : Orange Unit

                  5. Wednesday  : Green Unit

                  6. Thursday      : Pink Unit


Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) Neurosurgery

           Outdoor Hour: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

           Schedule of Neurosurgery Unit:

                  1. Saturday       : Yellow Unit (Neurospine)

                                               Pink Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)

                  2. Sunday         : Blue Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)                                   

                                               Orange Unit (Paediatric Neurosurgery)

                  3. Monday        : Green Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)

                  4. Tuesday        : Yellow Unit (Neurospine)

                                                Pink Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)

                  5. Wednesday  : Blue Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)

                                                Orange Unit (Paediatric Neurosurgery)

                  6. Thursday      : Green Unit (Clinical Neurosurgery)



        NeuroTrauma Unit I: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday

        NeuroTrauma Unit II: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday


Our outpatient department envisages the needs of the patients and hence all the consultation rooms are located in the ground floor of the hospital. The service is initiated with registrations and re-registrations at the ground floor and will be guided to the respective areas by briefing the location. Patients who need special support like wheelchairs or stretchers are provided at the lobby for assistance. Red shirt stretchers bearer will bring the patients to the respective room. The patient will be received by the physician in each consultation room and we will ensure that you are guided appropriately before and after consulting for further procedures, investigations, admissions etc.